Glynn County Veterans Memorial Park


  • Glynn County

  • Brunswick, Georgia


  • 3.5-acre green space
  • 4,500 sf monument plaza focal point
  • Native plant choices and the preservation of four large historic live oak trees


Glynn County Veterans Memorial Park is an oasis of green situated in the heart of downtown Brunswick, GA. Spanning over 3.5 acres, the park is a network of circles and semi-circles, all connected by a central axis. The sidewalks in the park are intricately designed, providing visitors with a variety of walking trails and a focal point around the park’s 4,500 square foot monument plaza.

The monument plaza is the centerpiece of the park and features six granite markers, each representing a different branch of the military, as well as a central granite marker that pays homage to Glynn County veterans who lost their lives while serving. The monument plaza also serves as a stage for speakers and musicians during special events.

The park also boasts a new 52-stall parking lot, an entry gateway sign, a 45-foot long granite bridge over a bioswale, a wooden boardwalk with a colonnade of palm trees, and a large open lawn that serves as a natural amphitheater. The park’s landscaping is designed with an emphasis on native plants and the preservation of four large historic live oak trees, with the largest measuring 72 inches in diameter at breast height.

The Glynn County Veterans Memorial Park is a fitting tribute to the men and women who have served our country, and a beautiful and peaceful place for visitors to honor and remember their sacrifices. The park is not only a place of remembrance but also a place for visitors to enjoy nature and the outdoors, with an array of amenities such as the parking lot, entry gateway, bridge and boardwalk to make the visit more comfortable. The park has been designed with the utmost care to pay tribute to the veterans and to be an enjoyable space for all visitors to enjoy.