Las Catalinas


  • Las Catalinas Holding Company, LLC

  • Guanacaste, Costa Rica


  • 2022 CNU Charter Award – Las Catalinas Beach Town

  • 2020 Urban Guild Awards – Design Excellence for Las Catalinas Beach Town

  • A master plan for 1,200-acre new hill town at coastal Costa Rica
  • Beach town detailed master plan
  • Planning, architecture and landscape architecture services for phase 0, phase I, of Beach Town and Punta Penca


TSW was involved in the planning and hardscape design services for Las Catalinas, a stunning new seaside resort town located in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. The town will cover approximately 1,200 acres, and its architectural and planning principles are inspired by historic Mediterranean coastal hill towns.

TSW utilized an extensive on-site reconnaissance and site analysis to develop the master plan for Las Catalinas. A week-long design charrette was also held, bringing together experts in planning, architecture, engineering, and economics to identify areas for development and preservation, establish the character and scale of residential and commercial development and architecture, and create transportation networks that prioritize pedestrian access over vehicular.

The master plan for Las Catalinas includes a series of beach and hill towns, each with its unique identity based on topography and purpose. The main activity center, Beach Town, is located on the prime beachfront of the site and will feature a wide range of retail, dining, entertainment, office, and recreational uses. To create a pedestrian-friendly environment, the town prioritizes pedestrian access over vehicular, but it also provides for limited parking and automobile access.

The town will offer diverse residential options, including hotels, apartments, and attached and detached dwellings, often located above street-level commercial uses in multi-story buildings. The development of Las Catalinas will not only offer a new tourist destination but will also provide a new living experience for residents.

Las Catalinas Beach Town was the recipient of the 2020 Urban Guild Awards, Design Excellence. Its innovative design will make it a unique addition to the region, and the sustainable living environment will promote an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents. With a perfect balance of old and new, the town is a blend of modern amenities and conveniences of the 21st century and traditional Mediterranean architectural styles.