Midwest City Revitalization Plan & Code


  • City of Midwest City & Midwest City Economic Development Authority

  • Midwest City, Oklahoma


  • Project included public outreach and an economic study
  • New overlay and design standards and guidelines support the revitalization plan


The TSW team worked with the City of Midwest City, the Midwest City Economic Development Authority, and the larger Midwest City community to create a revitalization plan and overlay code for the district titled the Midwest City Revitalization Plan & Code. The plan and code were designed to serve as a framework for creating a walkable, attractive, and safe environment that makes the district a desirable place to live and work.

The revitalization plan creates a distinct brand and identity for the district by recommending appropriate land uses and improvements to the district’s streetscapes and public spaces. The plan also identifies potential opportunities for public/private partnership investments within the district. These opportunities include mixed-use development, improvements to infrastructure and public spaces, and the creation of new community amenities.

One of the key components of the revitalization plan is the implementation of design standards and guidelines that promote walkability and safety. This includes the creation of sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks, as well as the incorporation of street trees, lighting, and other urban design elements. These features will make the district more inviting and accessible for residents, visitors, and businesses.

The overlay code, which is an amendment to the existing zoning code, also plays a crucial role in the revitalization of the district. It establishes specific zoning regulations and guidelines for development within the district, including building heights, setbacks, and parking requirements. The code also encourages the preservation of historic buildings and cultural resources, and promotes the use of sustainable design practices.

Overall, the Midwest City Revitalization Plan & Code developed by TSW will serve as a blueprint for the revitalization of the Midwest City district, promoting economic growth, improving the quality of life for residents, and creating a vibrant and sustainable community.