Project Description

Spalding County Rail with Trail Study


Client: Spalding County / City of Griffin

Location: Griffing, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2010


  • Multi-use Trail Plan along a 7.75 mile long railroad corridor
  • Design standards for multi-use path and bikeways
  • Cost estimates and funding strategies


TSW was retained by Spalding County and the City of Griffin to examine the former Southern railway railroad corridor to identify corridor segments that are potentially suitable for a shared use off-road rail-with-trail facility and develop a pedestrian and bicycle master plan for the 7.75-mile corridor. TSW also evaluated mixed-use development potential along the rail corridor and determined interconnectivity of this potential rail-trail corridor with existing and proposed local, regional, and statewide economic development corridors, redevelopment areas, trail systems, greenways, and bicycle/pedestrian networks.

The study included urban design standards and improvements to the roadway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities. One key component included multi-use paths and bikeways: shared use paths that are important corridors for commuter trips and provide a desirable facility for cyclists of all skill levels. TSW identified the design standards (widths, materials, grades, etc.) for multi-use paths and bikeways for a variety of conditions, including floodway and floodplain trails, elevated trails, and shared neighborhood electric vehicles. Cost estimates were included that indicated a three-phase approach. Potential federal, state, local, and private funding strategies were identified to build the project.