Stoddard’s Range & Guns


Client: Stoddard’s Range and Guns

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Design completed in 2013


  • Retrofit/renovation of 30,000 square feet for indoor shooting gallery and retail establishment
  • Open and minimal design to pay homage to industrial past


TSW has worked closely with Stoddards, an award-winning business, and Hogan Construction to re-purpose a 30,000 sq. ft. barrel vaulted plumbing warehouse into a shooting gallery and retail establishment. The design reuses the front offices as classrooms, member’s lounge and receiving while the larger volume contains a soaring retail space. The 24 shooting lanes are built of a hybrid of the cast in place concrete walls, CMU walls, and post-tensioned concrete roof all within the larger warehouse. Old loading docks, steel-arched framing, steel sash windows are all preserved and refurbished to create a unique experience.