TSW is a renowned design firm that specializes in delivering high-quality planning, landscape architecture, and architecture services for mixed-use developments. They understand the complexity of mixed-use projects and how to create dynamic spaces that serve the diverse needs of the community.

During the planning phase, TSW works closely with clients to develop a comprehensive plan that meets their goals while adhering to local zoning and land use regulations. This plan incorporates transportation, infrastructure, and other essential elements that are necessary to create successful mixed-use developments.

In landscape architecture, TSW emphasizes creating inviting and functional outdoor spaces that complement the architecture and enhance the user experience. They also focus on incorporating sustainable solutions, such as green roofs and rain gardens, to mitigate the effects of stormwater runoff.

In architecture, TSW balances the needs of the various stakeholders to create buildings that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable. They prioritize integrating the architecture into the surrounding context to create a cohesive and vibrant mixed-use development.

In summary, TSW’s holistic approach to planning, landscape architecture, and architecture enables them to create successful mixed-use developments that are functional, sustainable, and visually appealing