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Specializing in planning, architecture, and landscape architecture, TSW is a full-service design firm with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. With approximately 35 full-time employees, our small office size allows our principals to be hands-on in every aspect of a project and allows for more multidisciplinary collaboration.

TSW is a leader in creating designs that embody the principles of livable communities, walkability, sense of place, public spaces, human-scaled buildings, and connectivity. In recent years we have been fortunate to take these ideas from concept to reality in a range of diverse places. We have been involved in all stages of placemaking, including outreach, visioning, coding, public and private planning, architecture, and streetscape design.

As a multi-disciplinary firm of designers, TSW pulls from our diverse studios’ knowledge and skillsets for a unique, holistic approach to design. We have a long history of designing context-sensitive, livable communities, and design to incorporate real-world knowledge of sustainability, user experience, development and retail economics, and feasibility. We strive to create and enhance a unique sense of place and connectivity in all of our work. Being able to generate ideas through a fluid, multidisciplinary, and collaborative atmosphere allows our team to uniquely provide solutions that look beyond the typical approach to conventional design methodologies.

At TSW we work on a variety of projects including downtown master plans, comprehensive plans, corridor studies, coding and guidelines, mixed-use developments, civic and community buildings, ecclesiastical, multifamily residential, townhouses, park, and recreation facilities, and streetscapes.

As a full-service design firm, we can take a project from master planning to construction documents and through all of the critical steps in between, including community engagement, permitting, and construction administration. We are not only committed to creative, innovative, and sustainable designs but also think in terms of implementation and the actual built product, which ensures an efficient overall process.

We respect the inherent value of community.

This is the first Core Value of our 30-year-old company.  As architects, planners, and landscape architects, we have worked towards creating and improving neighborhoods, towns, and cities so all people can live together and support each other.  This statement affirms our belief that we are better together, and by sharing our strengths, differences, experiences, hopes, and dreams, we build a brighter future for everyone.

Sadly, it has become obvious that we have not lived up to this ideal.  All of us at TSW deplore the institutionalized racism that continues to plague our city, state, and country.  We understand that the buildings, communities, and greenspaces we design, and especially the planning efforts we undertake, can either contribute to the problem or be part of the solution.  We pledge to do better with the choices we make and to remain committed to respect, inclusivity, and equity.  Internally, we are committed to expanding the diversity of our staff to better reflect the diversity of our city, while simultaneously increasing our own awareness and understanding.

In our business, we begin by sitting down with our clients and listening to their goals.  Their vision informs our work.  In the same way, we will listen, learn, and make better-informed decisions as we work together to help heal the racial injustice that continues to plague our communities and harm our neighbors.