Bramley Park Townhomes


  • Harrison Development & Construction

  • Atlanta, Georgia


  • The strong visual character of the community, and the project’s site design layout, responds successfully to the prominent “entry portal” site to the vibrant Dresden Drive Live/Work/Play Corridor
  • The project’s transitional-style look blends traditional and contemporary design elements.
  • Multiple townhome floor plans were developed ranging in sizes from 2700 to 3000 square feet for the Owner’s consideration.


TSW’s design for the twenty-three townhomes at Bramley Park is a unique blend of contemporary and traditional styles that creates a signature “contemporary urban look.” The design incorporates traditional materials such as brick and wood siding, large window expanses, fresh colors, and airy, open interiors. This creates a visually appealing and modern aesthetic that is both timeless and on-trend.

One of TSW’s priorities for this townhome project was to create a refined and highly visible streetscape along both Dresden Drive and Apple Valley Road. This was achieved by placing the two larger townhome buildings tight to the sidewalks of these streets, which provides an attractive and welcoming entrance to the development.

Multiple floor plan types were developed for the project, including two, three, and four bedroom units. This diversity in floor plans allows for a variety of residents to find a home that fits their needs and preferences, from small families to larger households. Each floor plan has been carefully designed to optimize space and natural light, providing residents with comfortable and functional living spaces.

In addition to the design and floor plan diversity, the Bramley Park townhomes also include a variety of amenities such as a community pool, outdoor gathering areas, and landscaped open spaces. These amenities provide residents with opportunities for socializing and relaxation, as well as a connection to nature.

Overall, TSW’s design for the Bramley Park townhomes is a thoughtful and well-executed blend of traditional and contemporary design elements that creates a visually appealing and livable community. The diversity in floor plans and amenities provide residents with a range of options to suit their needs and preferences. The streetscape design also provides an attractive and welcoming entrance to the development, making it a desirable location to live.