TSW Designs World-class Flat Water Rowing Venue and Park

TSW’s Landscape Architecture Studio has been tasked with providing planning and design services for Nathan Benderson Park, located east of Sarasota, Florida. The park features a 600-acre lake that will be transformed into a world-class flat water rowing venue, along with surrounding parkland that will offer activities for people of all ages.

Once the 2,000-meter course is implemented, the venue is expected to become one of the premier rowing courses in the world. National rowing coaches have praised the fairness of the course, and Benderson Park’s proximity to hotels and restaurants makes it an ideal location for regional and national events.

TSW will be responsible for designing amenities and landscape elements to complement the rowing venue, including trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a family splash park. The park will also include a beach area and a large pavilion with concessions, making it a destination for the local community and visitors alike.

In addition to enhancing the park’s amenities, TSW will also focus on sustainable design features to minimize negative impacts on the environment. These features include a stormwater management system to improve water quality in the lake, using native plants to promote biodiversity, and implementing low-impact development strategies to manage stormwater runoff.

The transformation of Nathan Benderson Park into a world-class rowing venue and community park is expected to generate economic development and increase tourism in the area.

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TSW Designs World-class Flat Water Rowing Venue and Park