TSW Kicks Off Woodlands Garden Phase II

TSW has been chosen to lead the team for the design and implementation of the Phase II Master Plan for the Woodlands Garden in Decatur. The 7-acre public garden has a rich history, and the plan will focus on improving the visitor experience by making structural additions to the property and creating a new landscape design for the site of the Morse family home. The project team includes Long Engineering, Garden Designer Esther Stokes, and Stability Engineering.

During an on-site event on June 30, TSW was introduced to stakeholders of the Woodlands Garden, who were given an opportunity to share their ideas with TSW and the Board of Directors. The plan is expected to continue until May 2014, and TSW will be responsible for providing recommendations to improve the visitor experience while preserving the garden’s history and natural beauty.

Woodlands Garden is a historic public garden located in Decatur, Georgia. It features a wide variety of native plants and serves as a sanctuary for wildlife in the heart of the city. The garden is open to the public year-round and offers a peaceful retreat for visitors to enjoy. The Woodlands Garden Board of Directors is committed to maintaining the garden’s legacy and ensuring that it remains a valuable resource for the community.

TSW is a multi-disciplinary design firm that provides planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and civil engineering services to clients across the Southeast. The firm is known for its innovative and sustainable design solutions and has received numerous awards for its work. With this project, TSW aims to enhance the visitor experience at the Woodlands Garden while preserving its rich history and natural beauty.

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TSW Kicks Off Woodlands Garden Phase II