Monday Night Brewing is Open!

Monday Night Brewing is open for production, pouring, and tours!  TSW was recently honored to serve as the architect for their new brewery in West Midtown.  Through friendships with that trio, TSW had been watching in the wings for years as this upstart brewery idea evolved from a gathering of buddies making beer in bathtubs to sophisticated businessmen needing 20,000 square feet of leased space in a hot urban market.  We hunted with them, looking at this space and that, until they finally landed next to the Atlanta Water Works in a perfect fit on Trabert Avenue.  After productive meetings with City of Atlanta permitting staff, a Beltline SAP was issued for the site plan, building modifications and (best of all) administratively shared parking.  Then after a little while longer, savvy coupled with patience resulted with us having a building permit in hand.

Being a retrofit / renovation the design responded significantly to the existing layout with true production in the back and tasting room and office in the front.  The long slender loading dock was turned into a long slender patio, replete with all manner of fun games.  The design is minimal, being true to and showing off the industrial flavor of the location.  This is augmented by a new concrete bar with glazed roll-up doors to the patio, raw wood and copper sidings, painted mesh rails, Edison bulbs, and plenty of comfy furnishings.  Clayton Joseph and his construction team did a stellar job keeping the project on track and on budget, while MNB did a yeoman’s job of fitting up the actual beer making machinery.  TSW staff members look forward to sharing a tasty beer over there soon.

MNB_TastingRoom_BT-7 (Custom)

MNB_TastingRoom_BT-16 (Custom)

MNB_TastingRoom_BT-23 (Custom)

MNB_TastingRoom_BT-13 (Custom)