TSW Presents Recommendations to Banks County

TSW’s Woody Giles and Thomas Walsh have been working with Banks County planning staff to develop a redevelopment plan for the Banks Crossing area. The area is a major commercial hub that has experienced significant growth in recent years, leading to concerns about traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and the overall livability of the community.

Last week, Woody Giles and Eddie Williams from Keck & Wood presented recommendations to county officials aimed at addressing these concerns and promoting sustainable development in the area. The recommendations include improvements to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, the creation of a central gathering space for community events, and the development of mixed-use buildings that incorporate residential and commercial uses.

The recommendations also focus on the need to balance economic growth with environmental sustainability. For example, the plan calls for the development of green spaces and the preservation of natural resources to promote a healthy and attractive living environment for residents and visitors.

Overall, the redevelopment plan for the Banks Crossing area reflects TSW’s commitment to creating livable, sustainable, and vibrant communities. The plan emphasizes the importance of balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability and community engagement, and provides a roadmap for achieving these goals in the Banks County area.

The next steps in the process will involve further community engagement and collaboration between county officials, planning staff, and local stakeholders. TSW and its partners will continue to work closely with these groups to ensure that the recommendations are implemented in a way that best meets the needs and priorities of the community.

In conclusion, TSW’s work in Banks County highlights the importance of taking a holistic approach to community planning that emphasizes sustainable development, community engagement, and a focus on livability. The recommendations presented by Woody Giles and Eddie Williams represent an important step forward in achieving these goals in the Banks Crossing area, and serve as a model for other communities looking to create vibrant, sustainable, and livable communities.

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TSW Presents Recommendations to Banks County