Code Reform and Public Health

The Congress for the New Urbanism Atlanta Chapter is set to host the Healthy Communities Summit on September 20-21 in Atlanta, Georgia. To promote the upcoming event, the organization has initiated a three-part blog series that focuses on code reform and public health, health impact assessments, and health districts. TSW’s Caleb Racicot, in collaboration with James Fowler of Kimley-Horn and Associates, has contributed an article to the series titled “How Code Reform Can Improve Public Health in the Atlanta Region.”

The article highlights the significance of code reform in promoting public health in the Atlanta region. The authors assert that the built environment and public health are inextricably linked, and that code reform can be a powerful tool to improve health outcomes. They identify several code-based interventions that can be implemented to enhance public health, such as zoning that prioritizes walkability, bicycle infrastructure, and access to healthy food options. Additionally, they advocate for the implementation of design standards that promote active transportation, safe routes to schools, and universal design for all.

Caleb Racicot, a member of TSW’s Planning Studio, brings extensive experience in urban design and planning to the table. He has been involved in a range of projects, including downtown master plans, transit-oriented development plans, and corridor studies. His expertise in designing walkable, mixed-use environments has been instrumental in creating healthy, vibrant communities.

The Healthy Communities Summit promises to be an exciting event that brings together experts from various fields to discuss the intersection of health and the built environment. TSW is proud to have Caleb Racicot contribute to this discussion through his insightful article on the role of code reform in promoting public health.

Healthy Communities Summit, , “How Code Reform Can Improve Public Health in the Atlanta Region

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Code Reform and Public Health
Development in Downtown Woodstock has been guided by a form-based code for nearly a decade.

Code Reform and Public Health

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