Loganville Town Center on the Drawing Boards

In 2010, TSW led the Loganville Town Center Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study with the goal of creating a long-term vision for a vibrant and sustainable downtown. The study emphasized economic growth, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development, increased density, connectivity, multiple transportation options, and public safety. The project was completed in April of that year and has since been recognized for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to community planning.

Recently, the City of Loganville has taken the next steps in implementing the recommendations of the LCI study. The city is designing a civic gathering spot that will serve as a central hub for community activities and events. The gathering spot is being designed to provide a safe and attractive environment for residents to come together and celebrate the city’s unique character and culture.

The gathering spot is just one of several projects that the City of Loganville is pursuing to improve the quality of life in their downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. The city is also investing in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, promoting the development of mixed-use buildings, and supporting the growth of local businesses.

TSW’s work in Loganville is a prime example of the company’s commitment to creating livable, sustainable, and vibrant communities. The Loganville Town Center LCI Study provided a roadmap for the city to follow as it pursued its vision for a more vibrant and connected downtown. The city’s continued investment in the recommendations of the study is a testament to the success of TSW’s approach to community planning.

Overall, TSW’s work in Loganville demonstrates the importance of taking a holistic approach to community planning that emphasizes economic growth, sustainability, and community engagement. The city’s progress in implementing the recommendations of the LCI study is a testament to the value of this approach and serves as a model for other communities looking to create vibrant and sustainable downtowns.

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Loganville Town Center on the Drawing Boards