ARC / TSW to Assist Doraville with GM Area “SmartCode”

TSW has a long history of working with communities to create livable, sustainable, and vibrant places. In 2011, the company completed the Doraville Downtown Master Plan Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) Study, which was designed to revitalize the existing civic center, GM assembly plant, and a portion of Buford Highway. The project aimed to create a walkable, mixed-use downtown area that would serve as a hub for economic and community development.

The Doraville Downtown Master Plan LCI Study was widely recognized for its excellence and innovation, receiving the Georgia Planning Association’s Outstanding Planning Document award in 2012. The study was praised for its comprehensive approach, which included extensive community engagement, a thorough analysis of the existing conditions, and a detailed implementation strategy.

Recently, TSW has been enlisted by the Atlanta Regional Commission to assist the City of Doraville with crafting a transit-oriented development (TOD) supportive “SmartCode” for the 165-acre GM property and nearby areas. This new project builds on the success of the Doraville Downtown Master Plan LCI Study and will help to further enhance the economic vitality and livability of the area.

A TOD supportive “SmartCode” is a comprehensive zoning tool that helps to promote transit-oriented development by guiding land use and development patterns around transit stations. The goal is to create walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods that are well-connected to transit and offer a range of housing options, job opportunities, and community amenities.

TSW’s expertise in creating SmartCodes and transit-oriented development will be critical to the success of this new project. The company has a proven track record of working collaboratively with communities to create plans and codes that reflect their unique character and meet their specific needs.

Overall, TSW’s work in Doraville demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating livable, sustainable, and vibrant places that support economic growth and community well-being. The new project to create a TOD supportive “SmartCode” for the GM property and nearby areas is an exciting opportunity to build on the success of the Doraville Downtown Master Plan LCI Study and further enhance the area’s livability and economic vitality.

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ARC / TSW to Assist Doraville with GM Area “SmartCode”