Woodstock Downtown Awarded 2006 Development of Excellence Award

Woodstock Downtown was recognized as the 2006 Development of Excellence at the Atlanta Regional Commission’s State of the Region Breakfast, held on November 17. This award acknowledges innovative new developments that improve the quality of life throughout the Atlanta metro area and recognizes the developers who pursue quality growth practices in the region.

Woodstock Downtown is not just a development, but an exciting new beginning for the city of Woodstock. The city partnered with Hedgewood Properties and created a master plan for the community that re-imagines the city through the Livable Centers Initiative plan. On just 32 acres of land, the development includes 340 residential units, 85,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 22,000 square feet of office space, and over seven acres of open space. The development provides varied housing options for all ages, with diverse architectural styles that enhance the historic character of Woodstock.

TSW, a planning and architecture firm, worked with Hedgewood Properties to create a pedestrian-friendly design with a system of neighborhood parks and pedestrian paths providing connections throughout the development. Woodstock Downtown serves as a model for quality growth practices and innovative development in the region.

The Livable Communities Coalition joined the Atlanta Regional Commission in presenting the award, further highlighting the importance of livable communities in the region. The development’s success has already led to a $300-500 million mixed-use redevelopment project of the Old Fourth Ward in Hapeville, showing the potential for quality growth practices to transform entire communities. Woodstock Downtown is an excellent example of how innovative development can enhance the quality of life for residents and the community at large.

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Woodstock Downtown Awarded 2006 Development of Excellence Award

Woodstock Downtown Awarded 2006 Development of Excellence Award

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