The Grand Opening for the Rogers Bridge Dog Park, now known as the Chattapoochee Dog Park, was held Saturday, April 28, 2012. The event was well attended with many dogs and owners. Adam Williamson of TSW was a part of the ceremony explaining the design intent of the park. TSW has designed several dog parks, which have become popular amenities for communities. As towns and communities decide to have higher density neighborhoods, the off leash areas have become an important need for communities.

The Chattapoochee Dog Park has many eco-friendly design elements. The design minimized grading and saved all of the existing trees, which are included in the dog park areas for shade. The parking lot has gravel parking spaces that allows for stormwater infiltration. In addition, a bioswale system and raingarden was incorporated to capture the stormwater for the site. Recycled shredded bark was used in the dog park areas, and native plant materials were chosen for drought tolerance to create xeriscaping. These sustainable features help make this ‘green’ park one of the most unique parks in the region.

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Grand Opening for Chattapoochee Dog Park