Las Catalinas Featured in The New York Times

Las Catalinas Featured in The New York Times

Las Catalinas was recently featured in The New York Times highlighting the development’s inspiration and progress over the past 10+ years. TSW was involved with Las Catalinas early in the master planning process and has continued to be involved with detailed site planning and residential architecture.

The article discusses a new carless community called Las Catalinas located in Costa Rica. The development aims to create a sustainable and pedestrian-friendly community that encourages outdoor activities and fosters a sense of community. Cars are not allowed in the town center, which includes shops, restaurants, and offices. The developers hope to reduce traffic congestion and pollution while creating a healthier and more social environment.

The town is designed with narrow streets and walkways, which encourages people to walk or use bikes to get around. The buildings are designed to minimize energy consumption, and the town has its water supply and waste treatment system, which further reduces its impact on the environment.

The town has attracted a mix of residents, including retirees, families, and young professionals. Many residents work remotely, taking advantage of the town’s reliable internet connection. The town offers a range of activities, including water sports, hiking, and yoga, and has a variety of shops and restaurants.

The town has faced some challenges, including a lack of infrastructure outside of the town and high property prices. The developers have had to create their water and waste management systems and install solar panels to generate electricity. The town is also vulnerable to natural disasters, including hurricanes and earthquakes, which can disrupt its infrastructure.

Despite these challenges, Las Catalinas has attracted international attention as an innovative and sustainable community. The development has won several awards for its design and sustainability, and the developers hope that it can serve as a model for other communities around the world.

Click here for the full article in The New York Times.

Click here for a write-up from 2016 about TSW’s involvement in Las Catalinas and see below to scroll through additional graphics and images, including an initial site visit photo, charrette team members, illustrative master plan, and built photos.