Club Drive Park Phase 2 Grand Opening

Club Drive Park Phase 2 Grand Opening

TSW is proud to have played a role in the recent grand opening celebration of Phase 2 of Gwinnett County’s Club Drive Park, which took place on May 21, 2019. This marks the successful completion of the park’s development, which first began back in 2007. The focus of Phase 2 was to provide more opportunities for passive recreation and increase access to the Sweetwater Creek Greenway.

In 2015, TSW started work on the project by updating the park’s master plan and moving on to the construction documents. The construction of this $1.2 million project began in the fall of 2017, and now, the park includes 30 parking spaces, a trailhead for the Sweetwater Creek Greenway, play equipment that is universally accessible, a lowland overlook platform, a wetland boardwalk, and park identification signage and information kiosks.

One of the most notable features of the park is the lowland overlook, which is a steel-framed structure with a substantial wooden deck and rails, elevated on 42-foot deep concrete piers. The benches are made from Accoya® Acetylated Wood, a responsibly treated sustainable wood product, and fold up to create multiple seating options.

The park also serves as a starting point for the Sweetwater Creek Greenway, which is accessible from the park via a signaled mid-block crossing. A 200-foot long, 10-foot wide heavy timber bridge structure crosses the Sweetwater Creek floodplain and serves as the pedestrian gateway to the park. The park is also the starting point for a future 1.5-mile phase of the greenway that will follow Sweetwater Creek to Cruse Road Northwest.

In conclusion, TSW is thrilled to have been a part of this exciting project and is proud of the result. The park serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication put into it, and it is sure to provide countless opportunities for recreation and relaxation for years to come. Click through the images below for more photos and information about the park.