TSW congratulates Erlend Andvik and his studio classmates from Andrews University on their Congress for the New Urbanism Student Merit Award for El Nexo Martín Peña, a project focusing on a group of eight neighborhoods in San Juan, Puerto Rico, following Hurricane Maria.

The students collaborated with community leaders and organizations, local designers, and national experts to develop a path towards restoration of the neighborhoods, which are all located along Caño Martín Peña waterway. Plans are underway to dredge the Caño Martín Peña to improve environmental conditions in the area and add infrastructure for better sewer and storm drainage systems. The students developed an integrated development plan that reflects the needs of the neighborhoods after the waterway is improved and accommodates the 1,000 residents who will need to be relocated along with new and improved access to public spaces and walkways and other community redevelopment opportunities.

To read more about the project, see the  overview below.

Erlend joined TSW in 2018 and is an architectural designer in the Architecture Studio.

El Nexo Martin Pena TSW Congratulates Erlend Andvik for CNU Student Merit Award