Downtown Albany Master Plan


  • City of Albany, DDA, and ADICA

  • Albany, GA


  • Public participation activities to better understand challenges and define a vision for the downtown area
  • Focus on preservation, invigorating downtown, and investments in parks and open spaces
  • Priority recommendations for compatible infill development and redevelopment of historic buildings


The City of Albany, along with the Downtown Development Authority of Albany (DDA) and the Albany Dougherty Inner-City Authority (ADICA) retained TSW to lead a consultant team to create a plan for the city’s downtown area, outlining a clear vision and achievable action items to facilitate and attract the best quality development and redevelopment to Downtown Albany.

Building on previous planning efforts, the plan was fully vetted through stakeholder groups and the general public and aims to carry on the existing momentum and energy of Downtown Albany. Collaboration between the TSW Team and other consultants working simultaneously on other plans affecting Downtown Albany ensured that all recommendations were thoughtfully integrated. Ultimately, this plan makes recommendations that can be easily achieved with what resources the City and its partners can invest in Downtown Albany.

To guide the planning process and recommendations, TSW developed 12 Big Ideas that resulted from stakeholder and public input.

  • 1
    Preserve and Rehabilitate Downtown Buildings
  • 2
    Housing Infill and Rehabilitation
  • 3
    Central Common
  • 4
    More Restaurants and Entertainment
  • 5
    Branding and Marketing
  • 6
    Heritage Trail (including existing Freedom Trail)
  • 7
    Albany Hub: New Mixed-Use District
  • 8
    Invest in Parks and Open Space
  • 9
    Preserve Historic Character
  • 10
    Promote Art
  • 11
    Support Streetscape Improvements
  • 12
    Connecting Downtown and ASU