Downtown Statesboro Master Plan


  • City of Statesboro

  • Statesboro, GA


  • Community workshop and other meetings to engage local stakeholders
  • Catalytic sites selected to show redevelopment potential
  • Plan to connect downtown to Georgia Southern University campus


Statesboro’s Town Square is surrounded by a beautiful collection of historic buildings, but many of these are empty, and the stretch of South Main Street known as the “Blue Mile” has many underdeveloped sites on the short stretch to Georgia Southern University’s campus.

TSW worked with the City and local stakeholders to create a plan to revitalize downtown. The process included engagement with major property owners, including Georgia Southern, as well as local residents, many of whom participated in an interactive community workshop to share their ideas for the future of downtown.

The final plan focused on a series of Big Ideas that will transform downtown. These included conceptual plans for representative catalytic development sites to show how infill can help bring more residents and businesses that provide a critical mass and better take advantage of the existing walking trail.

A detailed implementation plan spells out immediate and long-term steps for each Big Idea, with consideration for the diversity of implementation partners already at work in downtown.

TSW is currently under contract to update Statesboro’s zoning regulations to make sure the plan can be implemented.