GTA Cyber Innovation and Training Center Campus Master Plan


Client: Gensler

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2018


  • Stormwater runoff treatment through native biodetention areas

  • Usable campus green space

  • Green roof



TSW completed landscape architecture services for a new campus in Augusta, GA for the GTA Cyber Innovation and Training Center by the Georgia Technology Authority in association with Augusta University. Site design focuses around a needed vehicular drop off to the building’s entrance and to an event auditorium. The design challenge was to create a vehicular dropoff that catered more to the needs and safety of the pedestrian, creating a safe and aesthetically inviting space for campus users.

Site benches, bollards, trees, and linear paving materials all form geometry on the ground plane that emulate and speak to the facade of the adjacent buildings. Connecting to a large campus master plan, this first installation serves as the first classroom piece to kickstart the mixed use Master Plan.