Parsons Alley – The Block


  • City of Duluth

  • Duluth, Georgia


  • 2017 Urban Land Institute (Atlanta Chapter) – Development of Excellence for Duluth’s Parsons Alley

  • 2017 Congress for the New Urbanism – Charter Award for Parsons Alley

  • 2016 The Council for Quality Growth and Partnership Gwinnett – Neighborhood Redevelopment Award for Parsons Alley

  • Master Plan for Duluth’s downtown core to establish a vision for the future of the area
  • Design and construction documentation for Parsons Alley – The Block, a catalytic projet


TSW’s Landscape Architecture Studio was retained by the City of Duluth to develop a Downtown Master Plan that would help establish a vision for the future of the downtown area as a thriving and attractive hub for commerce. The Master Plan provides an implementation strategy for various municipal projects, policy changes, and catalytic projects that aim to achieve this vision.

Following the completion of the Downtown Master Plan, TSW was retained to provide on-call landscape architecture services to implement public improvements that are recommended in the Master Plan. One of the key recommendations is a catalytic project known as Parsons Alley – The Block. TSW was responsible for the development of both the conceptual designs and construction documentation for the site.

The Parsons Alley – The Block project aims to create a large plaza that serves the downtown area and adjacent restaurants with seating, bocce ball court, entertainment screen, play art structure, public art, and redesigned surface parking. The project aims to provide a central gathering place for the community, while also promoting socialization and physical activity. The plaza will also feature a variety of amenities that will attract visitors and create a lively atmosphere. This project is expected to be a catalyst for further development in the area, contributing to the revitalization of the downtown.

In summary, TSW’s work on the Downtown Master Plan and the Parsons Alley – The Block project is aimed at revitalizing the downtown area of Duluth and creating a vibrant community space for residents and visitors. The project is expected to promote socialization, physical activity, and commerce, while also being environmentally friendly and sustainable. TSW’s expertise in landscape architecture helped to create a design that is functional, visually appealing and beneficial for the community, and the environment.

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