Lenox Park Campus Site Improvements


Client: Bridge Commercial Real Estate

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2021


  • All construction was on top of an existing parking deck

  • Saved 12 existing trees and added 42 additional trees

  • synthetic decking and turf were utilized to reduce future maintenance costs



The Lenox Park project was one of several follow up projects that stemmed from a master planning effort led by TSW.  The design team worked with Bridge Commercial Real Estate to update an existing plaza built upon a parking garage surrounded by three office buildings.  The end goal was to create an appealing outdoor space for the employees located within the adjacent buildings.   The design included the addition of a new 2 story food and beverage building at one end of the plaza that would allow for the transition between the plaza space above and the park space below.

The largest challenge of the project was creating a design that worked with the existing parking structure below.   At the clients request 12 of the existing trees on top of the parking deck were retained, and an additional 42 trees were added to help provide summertime shade. Where possible existing pavers were reused on site to help meet the budget and synthetic decking and turf were utilized to reduce future maintenance costs.

Major elements of the design include:

  • Entry Portal Wall
  • Sunken games lawn
  • Multiple seating areas of varying sizes for outdoor meetings or dining.
  • Outdoor Swings
  • Globe lights hanging overhead via a cable mounting system.