Project Description

Nathan Benderson Park & Rowing Venue


Client: Benderson Development Company, LLC

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Under construction


  • Master plan for a rowing venue park
  • Planning and landscape design of the course and park amenities


  • 2013 APA Florida Award of Excellence
  • 2013 APA County Planning Division and the National Association of County Planners Award of Merit


TSW’s Landscape Architecture Studio was retained to develop a master plan for Nathan Benderson Park east of Sarasota, Florida. The park contains a 400-acre lake and surrounding shoreline, which will be adapted into a world-class rowing/kayak/running venue.

The venue will meet all Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron (FISA) criteria so that the park can hold international competitions and become the first FISA-certified course in the U.S. Once the 2,000-meter course is implemented, the venue will likely become one of the top courses in the world. Nationally-recognized rowing coaches have commented that Benderson Park has the potential to become one of the fairest courses, and while similar venues are typically isolated, Benderson is surrounded by much-needed amenities, such as hotels and restaurants, for these types of regional and national events.