Tennessee Board of Regents Statewide Demographic and Labor Market Analysis


  • Tennessee Board of Regents

  • The State of Tennessee


  • Statewide index of social variables identifies demand and need for higher education credentials at the census tract level
  • Regional job outlook for key job sectors is tied to institutions offering degrees in related fields
  • Series of simple interactive maps show results at a glance
  • Informs statewide and institutional-level academic and facilities planning


TSW created an interactive map tool for the Tennessee Board of Regents that is designed to help with higher education investment decisions in the state. The map tool covers every census tract and institution of higher learning statewide and was developed with input from multiple state agencies, along with focus groups of university, community college, and TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology) presidents.

The innovative analysis is based on a statistical aggregation of selected demographic variables that indicate the need and demand for higher education investment in every census tract in Tennessee. This allows institutional leadership, planners, decision-makers, and elected officials to compare need and demand in different areas of the state at a glance, and make more informed decisions about investment in new or expanded campuses and facilities.

In addition to the need and demand analysis, TSW also created a second series of interactive maps that shows labor market projections in key fields for each region of the state. These maps include the locations of all campuses (public and private) that offer degree programs related to jobs in that field. This tool facilitates statewide and institution-level academic planning by linking graduates to jobs, showing the health of key job sectors at a glance, and indicating potential competition between nearby institutions with similar degree programs.

Overall, this groundbreaking interactive map tool created by TSW is a valuable tool for the Tennessee Board of Regents and other stakeholders in higher education in the state. It provides a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the need and demand for higher education investment in different areas of the state, as well as the job market projections in key fields. The tool will help to ensure that future investments in higher education in Tennessee are well-informed and strategic, and will have a positive impact on the state’s education system and economy.

All data used in the Tennessee Board of Regents Statewide Demographic and Labor Market Analysis is publicly available, and the maps are accessible to the public at  link.