The Sophia


  • Minerva USA

  • Atlanta, Georgia


  • The Sophia is a “Missing Middle” project which provides residential lifestyle alternatives within historic Druid Hills.
  • The designs for the condominium flats and townhomes blend into the woodland setting, with their primary living spaces focused on the site’s walking trails and garden amenities.
  • The timeless Mid-Century Modern look of the project has been strongly embraced by both the buyers of the residences and the neighborhood design review board.


Located at the main entrance to Fox 5 Broadcast Center on Briarcliff Road, The Sophia is a multifamily “missing middle” infill development for the Druid Hills neighborhood. The two single-family neighborhood scaled condominium buildings each have six units. TSW’s design for these more intimately scaled 4-story condominium buildings have two units per floor with a basement story containing private parking for each unit. Unit size varies from 2-3 bedrooms with 2- 2 ½ baths per unit. The scale and look of the twelve 3-story townhomes compliment the condominium buildings.

The development of the crisp, Mid-century Modern exterior visuals was high on the project’s priority list.  Considerable design attention was given not only to the buildings simple massing, but also to the understated the unique details that embody this look-round window and curving wall features, slender steel accents, updated glass railings, and vibrant blue entry doors to name a few.