Urban Tree Cidery


  • The Resutas

  • Atlanta, Georgia


  • Tasting Room and Cidery for Atlanta’s first hard cider maker
  • Retrofit of existing retail space into a cidery
  • Farm Chic Aesthetic


Urban Tree Cidery is Atlanta’s first hard cider maker and a family-owned and operated business. The family decided to locate their business in the trendy Westside of Atlanta, near an undeveloped portion of the BeltLine. This area was chosen to take advantage of the growing popularity of the BeltLine and to be in a location that would attract a wide range of customers.

To create the perfect space for their business, the family hired TSW, an architecture firm, to provide full architectural services to renovate an existing retail space into a fun and practical tasting room and cidery. Reflecting Georgia’s strong apple orchard industry, the exterior and interior aesthetic feature agricultural and farm-chic elements blended with the hard industrial look befitting a production space.

The warm and open tasting room is approximately 2,250 sf, and features a rustic, yet modern design that creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers. The production space where the cider is actually produced is 1,688 sf, and it is designed to be functional and efficient, while also being visually appealing. The use of industrial elements such as exposed brick, steel and concrete, gives the space a unique and stylish look.

The design of Urban Tree Cidery is a perfect example of how an existing space can be transformed into a functional and visually appealing business. The use of agricultural and farm-chic elements, combined with the hard industrial look, creates a unique and stylish look that reflects the history and culture of the area. The location of the business, near the BeltLine, makes it easily accessible for customers and helps to attract a wide range of customers.

Overall, Urban Tree Cidery is a great example of how a family-owned business can successfully create a unique and stylish space that reflects the history and culture of the area, while also being practical and functional. TSW’s design of the space not only helped to create a beautiful and inviting space for customers, but it also helped the business to thrive in the competitive industry.