Project Description

Woodstock Mixed-Use


Client: Hedgewood Properties

Location: Woodstock, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2013



    The City of Woodstock is a historic community located in south Cherokee County, Georgia, approximately 30 miles north of Atlanta. The City encouraged Hedgewood Properties to design a mixed-use neighborhood that would meet goals of their 2002 Atlanta Regional Commission Livable Centers Initiative Study
    of strengthening the core without compromising historic character. With this charge and an understanding of the need for commercial
    revitalization, TSW designed a natural extension of the city’s fabric that complements and provides a variety of commercial and residential choices in an area of intense urban sprawl.
    TSW was responsible for both planning and architectural improvements. TSW’s Architectural Studio designed the 6-story, 168,000 SF, 400’
    long block signature building for the development. The structure has some 28,000 SF of retail with four floors of condominium homes above.