TSW Can-a-thon for the Atlanta Community Food Bank

TSW has made it a tradition over the past couple of years to support the Atlanta Community Food Bank with an annual can-a-thon. This event is an opportunity for the team to come together and contribute to a great cause while also indulging in some friendly competition.

To make the event more exciting, the team is split into three groups: Team Tunnell, Team Spangler, and Team Walsh. Each group is encouraged to bring in as many canned goods as possible, and the group with the most cans wins the competition.

This year, the office collectively brought in almost 1,500 cans, which is an impressive amount. Team Walsh emerged as the clear winner, bringing in the most cans and also putting together a clever and creative can display in the form of a Christmas tree.

The can-a-thon is an important event for the team, as it not only allows them to give back to the community but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within the office. It’s an opportunity for the team to work together towards a common goal and to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is a worthy cause, and their mission is to fight hunger by engaging, educating, and empowering the community. They work tirelessly to distribute food and other essential items to those who need them the most, and they rely heavily on donations from the community to continue their work.

If you’re interested in supporting the Atlanta Community Food Bank or learning more about their mission and programs, you can visit their website. There are many ways to get involved, from making a monetary donation to volunteering your time and talents.

In conclusion, TSW’s annual can-a-thon is a fun and rewarding event that brings the team together to support a great cause. This year’s competition was a success, with Team Walsh emerging as the winner with their impressive can display and generous donation. The Atlanta Community Food Bank is a vital organization that does important work in the community, and TSW is proud to support their mission.

To learn more about the Atlanta Community Food Bank, their mission, and ways to support them, please visit their website.

TSW Can-a-thon for the Atlanta Community Food Bank