TSW Projects Featured on Atlanta Regional Commission TV Show

The newest installment of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s quarterly public affairs show “The Shape of Things to Come” features a number of TSW-design projects as well as interviews with developers and other experts TSW has worked with extensively. The show is available on ARC’s Web site (or via the link below) and can be viewed on government access cable channels across metro Atlanta.

“Livable, Healthy Communities”

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The 30-minute show, title “Livable, Healthy Communities” showcases new developments in communities across the region that promote quality growth principles by successfully mixing live, work and play options. The show also includes interviews with experts in development, housing, community improvement and livable communities.

“Livable communities mean different things to different people,” ARC Director Chick Krautler says on the show. “But they all have a few basic elements that are the same. At the Atlanta Regional Commission we are trying to help our communities install more of those basic elements into their existing communities. There are some really exciting things going on in Atlanta and we are really happy to be able to share them with you.”

Studio guests include Larry Gellerstedt, chairman of the Livable Communities Coalition and president of the office/multi-family division of Cousins PropertiesEgbert Perry, chairman of the Integral GroupPam Sessions, co-owner and president of Hedgewood Properties: and Michael Sizemore, founder of the Sizemore Group.

The show also profiles Perimeter Place in DeKalb County, Cumberland Community Improvement District in Cobb County, Ponce Park and Glenwood Park in the City of Atlanta, and downtown Woodstock in Cherokee County to highlight with real-life examples communities that are incorporating quality growth principles.

“Livable communities are public spaces that are great to be in, places that are walkable, ones in which your child can run down the block and practice soccer on their own, where seniors can live there near their grandkids,” Sizemore says during the show. “They have a mix of uses and building types that fit together well within a town center or activity center to create energy and a great place to be.”

“Livable, Healthy Communities” will be airing on Comcast Community Television and government access channels in counties across the region, including Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Rockdale and the City of Atlanta. For a full listing of local channels offering the show, visit the web site for the show.

Sponsors of the program include Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, Cumberland Community Improvement District, Georgia Public Broadcasting and Comcast Community Television.