TSW is a Finalist for CDC’s Play Space Design Competition

TSW has been named as a finalist in the Community Design Collaborative’s (CDC) Play Space Design Competition for its innovative design for the Learning Landscapes: Blanche A. Nixon/Cobbs Creek Branch Library site in Philadelphia. The competition aimed to create new and exciting play spaces for public schools, libraries, and recreation centers in the city.

TSW’s proposal stood out for its creative and imaginative use of space, incorporating natural materials and play elements to provide an engaging and stimulating environment for children to play and learn. The design incorporated a variety of play elements, including a treehouse, a climbing wall, and a water feature, designed to encourage physical activity, creativity, and social interaction.

As a finalist in the competition, TSW now faces two more rounds of voting before the final winner is announced. The first vote will be from the community, who will have the opportunity to review and vote on the finalists’ proposals. The second vote will be from the awards jury, who will hear the finalists’ presentations at the Play Space Design Awards on March 16.

The CDC’s Play Space Design Competition is an important initiative that highlights the value of creating innovative and engaging play spaces for children. By incorporating creative design elements and natural materials, the competition aims to promote physical activity, social interaction, and creativity among children in Philadelphia.

Overall, TSW’s recognition as a finalist in the CDC’s Play Space Design Competition is a testament to the firm’s commitment to designing innovative and engaging spaces that promote community engagement and well-being. The competition provides an opportunity for TSW to showcase its creative design approach and contribute to the continued development of engaging and sustainable play spaces for children in Philadelphia.

Check back for TSW’s submittal and results after the March 16 event.

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