TSW’s Open Studio is Today!

TSW's Open Studio is Today!
Today is TSW’s annual Open Studio event, where teams are working on three challenging projects: the Clarkston multi-purpose gathering space, West End neighborhood MARTA station area planning, and Brookhaven City Centre and MARTA station area planning. The teams have spent the past few weeks conducting research and developing project goals. The focus of today is to work with clients to explore creative ideas and develop visionary solutions. The Open Studio event is an opportunity for TSW to engage in collaborative problem-solving and foster a culture of innovation within the firm. Throughout the day, the teams will be sharing their progress with clients and colleagues, receiving feedback, and refining their ideas. The Clarkston project involves designing a multi-purpose gathering space in downtown Clarkston, which will be a focal point for community events and activities. The West End project focuses on developing a plan for the MARTA station area that will enhance the surrounding neighborhood and improve connectivity. The Brookhaven project seeks to create a vision for the City Centre and MARTA station area that will support economic growth and vitality. TSW is known for its commitment to creating sustainable, innovative, and equitable spaces that meet the needs of communities. The Open Studio event is an opportunity for TSW to showcase their expertise and engage with clients and stakeholders in a meaningful way. The event highlights the firm’s collaborative approach to problem-solving, which has been instrumental in the success of past projects.
Check in throughout the day on TSW’s Facebook page for updates and click here for a recap of our previous Open Studio to get a better idea of the process and results. And a BIG THANKS to our sponsors:

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