MARTA Makeover Update

MARTA and Central Atlanta Progress have partnered to launch the MARTA Makeover project for the Five Points and Garnett stations. The project aims to improve the stations’ overall appearance, functionality, and user experience by implementing short-term recommendations, such as new wayfinding signage and a mural at Five Points station.

The project’s initial phase has already started, with the installation of new wayfinding signage at both stations. The new signage is designed to improve the stations’ accessibility and help riders navigate through the stations more easily, reducing confusion and improving the overall user experience. The signage also features MARTA’s signature blue and green color scheme, making it easily recognizable for riders.

Another significant enhancement of the project is the installation of a mural at the Five Points station. The mural is expected to add color and vibrancy to the station, enhancing its overall aesthetic and contributing to a more inviting and pleasant environment for riders. The mural will also feature images and designs that reflect the station’s history and cultural significance, adding a sense of place and identity to the space.

Overall, the MARTA Makeover project is a positive development that will benefit riders by enhancing the stations’ functionality, improving accessibility, and adding aesthetic value. The project is an excellent example of how public-private partnerships can contribute to the development and improvement of public spaces, creating a more vibrant and connected community.

The project’s success will depend on continued collaboration between MARTA, Central Atlanta Progress, and other stakeholders, including riders and local residents. The project’s next phases will involve more significant enhancements to both stations, and it is hoped that these improvements will continue to contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient transit experience for riders in the Atlanta area.

For more information on the MARTA Makeover, click here.

Photos by Jason Dozier