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Project Description

Doraville Gateway


Client: City of Doraville

Location: Doraville, Georgia

Status: Design Complete, Installation Underway


  • Gateway Sign
  • Clearance for semi trucks
  • Back-lit letters at night


TSW was hired by Keck and Wood to produce a concept design and cost estimate for a gateway sign for the City of Doraville across a 2 lane road (Oakcliff). The sign was designed to be constructed of steal and span across the roadway. The sign is lighted and has a minimum clearance of 14’ from the roadway surface. We worked with a signage fabricator to produce a fabrication drawing and associated cost. The estimated construction budget is $75,000 – $85,000.

Narrow pole sconce lighting and backlit letters at night light up of the Doraville Sign, welcoming visitors and residents into the City of Doraville. With space left for sidewalks, pedestrians can safely pass through the gateway alongside vehicular traffic.