Parsons Alley Signage


Client: City of Duluth

Location: Duluth, Georgia

Status: Completed in 2017


  • Gateway arch sign flanking both entry points of the historic Parsons Alley
  • Design focused on the use of historic and industrial materials
  • Lighting played an important role in drawing people into the site
  • 2017 Urban Land Institute (Atlanta Chapter) – Development of Excellence for Duluth’s Parsons Alley

  • 2017 Congress for the New Urbanism – Charter Award for Parsons Alley



TSW worked with the City of Duluth through a series of concepts and construction documents to create an iconic pedestrian gateway into the historic Parsons Alley as a part of the ‘The Block’ boutique and restaurant district in Downtown Duluth.

TSW’s design features an entry signage monument with a monolithic granite base and a steel I beam archway to nod to the traditional materials used in Duluth and to blend historical details with a modern atmosphere. Lighting played an important role in enticing the user to enter the alley and Plaza. TSW worked with a lighting designer to create an integrated and multilevel lighting approach that included the lighting of the sign itself and overhead and a grid of multi-color in ground lights just beyond the sign.

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