Project Description

Juniper Street Streetscapes Phase II


Client: Midtown Alliance / City of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Status: Design completed 2017


  • Streetscape improvements to accommodate all types of users
  • Proposes a bioswale system to serve as stormwater facility as well as beautify the sidewalks


As part of a major streetscaping project in Midtown Atlanta, TSW was retained by Midtown Alliance to improve the aesthetics and function of Juniper Street. The $5 million streetscape project begins at 14th Street and continues to Ponce de Leon Avenue. This project is viewed as a major step forward for Midtown’s commitment to providing a better environment for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders to nearby Mid­town and North Avenue MARTA Stations.

TSW’s design keeps two lanes of one-way travel and incorporates on-street parking and a planted median as a buffer to separate the proposed cycle track from vehicular traffic. New trees, shrubs and more spacious side­walks will be added to enhance the pedestrian experience. Additional planters, benches, bike racks and trash receptacles will tie the street together visually and make it much more appealing and safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

A key issue was stormwater run-off since the drains feed water into a combined sew­er system that can easily be overwhelmed by a heavy rain. TSW proposed a bioswale system to help capture stormwater runoff and allow it to be treated naturally. This process will reduce the amount of stormwater entering the combined sewer and increase groundwater recharge. The bioswale pilot project was completed in 2015. Construction on the rest of the project should begin in the next couple of months.