TSW has started a week-long charrette for a 250 acre new town on New Providence Island, The Bahamas. The site lies four miles south of downtown Nassau, near South Beach, in an area that has been marked by conventional sprawl development patterns in recent decades.

The charrette is part of a TSW-led planning effort commissioned by the Government of Commonwealth of The Bahamas to create a model for new town development. Specific goals that have emerged through the planning process including creating a plan that:

  • Respects Bahamian values and culture.
  • Provides all of the needs of daily life within a short walk, including community facilities, shops, and public spaces.
  • Offers a range of housing options for Bahamians of different ages, incomes, and lifestyles.
  • Celebrates the rich history of Bahamian town building, architecture, and design.
  • Excels in design excellence.
  • Minimizes negatives impacts to the environment.
  • Generates economic opportunity for Bahamians.
  • Complements, rather than competes with, downtown Nassau.
  • Establishes a balanced transportation system that features quality facilities for walking and bicycling, and that efficiently accommodates existing jitney service.
  • Makes efficient use of public funds in both project development and maintenance.

These goals, as well as feedback from on-going stakeholder involvement, will serve as a foundation for the charrette, which runs through the morning of Saturday April 16, 2011.