TSW Associate Caleb Racicot on Walkable Atlanta Task Force


Racicot (center) with other Task Force members presenting report to Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin (right)

In January 2004, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin appointed TSW associate Caleb Racicot to her newly created Walkable Atlanta Task Force.

Members, representing a range of stakeholders, were charged with developing a comprehensive set of policy recommendations dealing with street and sidewalk design, pedestrian safety, sidewalk maintenance, and implementation strategies.

The group spent four months developing a vision, goals, and strategies. In its final report, Plan for a Walkable Atlanta, the task force recommended more than 50 strategies, including six lon-term priorities that are critical to changing the city’s direction and ten “big wins,” low-cost policies and programs that provide the biggest bang for Atlanta’s buck.

Besides Racicot, the Task Force was comprised of eleven other members, including pedestrian advocates, developers, planners, engineers, and representatives of neighborhood organizations and disability groups.