TSW Awarded Streetscape Redevelopment Project In Woodstock

Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh & Associates (TSW) has been chosen to spearhead the redesign of the streetscape in Woodstock’s downtown region. The redevelopment will address the pedestrian and vehicle circulation system on Main Street and Arnold Mill Road in the Central Business District. The project will integrate the ongoing comprehensive planning efforts and new mixed-use developments by Hedgewood Development Company.

As the lead for the project, TSW will oversee the development of plans that will enhance the pedestrian experience, create a more efficient vehicular circulation system, and incorporate sustainable features. The redesign aims to improve accessibility and safety for all modes of transportation while revitalizing the downtown area’s aesthetic appeal.

The new streetscape design will build on the city’s existing comprehensive plan and will include features such as new sidewalks, bike lanes, and street furniture. The project will also incorporate innovative green infrastructure solutions to enhance stormwater management and improve the area’s environmental sustainability.

Hedgewood Development Company’s new mixed-use developments, which will be integrated into the plans, will bring additional retail and residential spaces to the area. The redevelopment is expected to stimulate economic growth and attract new businesses, residents, and visitors to Woodstock’s downtown region.

TSW is a leading design and planning firm with over three decades of experience in creating sustainable and innovative solutions for communities. The company has a track record of successful streetscape projects in various cities across the Southeast, including Decatur, Alpharetta, and Marietta.

The City of Woodstock’s partnership with TSW and Hedgewood Development Company demonstrates the city’s commitment to sustainable growth and community revitalization. The streetscape redevelopment project is a significant step towards creating a more livable, walkable, and vibrant downtown area for the city’s residents and visitors.

TSW Awarded Streetscape Redevelopment Project In Woodstock

TSW Awarded Streetscape Redevelopment Project In Woodstock

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