TSW Client Design Featured in New Urban News

Glenwood Park, a traditional neighborhood development located in Atlanta, Georgia, gained national attention in the July/August 2004 issue of New Urban News. The article, titled “Internet pioneer Brewer champions New Urbanism in Atlanta,” highlights the work of Charles Brewer, a co-founder of Green Street Properties, and his role in developing Glenwood Park.

Brewer, who made his fortune as an early investor in Internet giant, MindSpring, turned his attention to real estate development with the creation of Green Street Properties. The company’s focus on New Urbanism, a design movement that promotes walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods with a range of housing options, led to the development of Glenwood Park.

The article praises Glenwood Park for its commitment to sustainable design and its mix of residential and commercial spaces. The development’s architecture reflects the surrounding historic neighborhoods, with an emphasis on front porches and pedestrian-friendly streets. The article also notes Glenwood Park’s recognition as an award-winning development, having received accolades from the Urban Land Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Brewer’s vision for Glenwood Park was to create a community that promoted social interaction and a sense of belonging among its residents. The development’s parks and public spaces encourage outdoor activity and community events, while its retail and dining options provide opportunities for residents to gather and socialize.

Overall, the article portrays Glenwood Park as a shining example of the New Urbanism movement and Brewer as a pioneer in sustainable and community-focused development. The success of Glenwood Park and Green Street Properties serves as a testament to the potential of New Urbanism to create vibrant, livable neighborhoods.

Glenwood Park

award-winning traditional neighborhood development in Atlanta.

Read the article online, via the NUN web site or read a scanned version with images (Page 1 and Page 2).

TSW Client Design Featured in New Urban News

TSW Client Design Featured in New Urban News