TSW on Winning Team for Delk Road LCI

Tunnell-Spangler-Walsh is on the team selected by the City of Marietta to plan the Delk Road Livable Centers Initiative Study. TSW will provide urban design and visioning services for this community-based planning process. Other team members include: Basile Baumann Prost & Associates, Inc., which will lead the project and focus on market research and feasibility; Strategic Planning Initiatives, which will focus on policy analysis; Wilbur Smith Associates, which will focus on transportation; and Boyken International, which will provide cost esimating services.

The LCI study is centered on Transit-Oriented Development opportunities based on proposed alignments identified in the Northwest Connectivity Study for a Bus Rapid Transit station in an area that is poised for redevelopment and reinvestment in the community. The study area has an integral mix of commercial, residential (both multiple and single family dwellings) and transportation facilities for residents. The purpose of the study is to prepare land use and transportation recommendations that are both transit and development oriented.