TSW Project Wins GPA Award

The Ponce de Leon/Moreland Avenue Corridor Study, with TSW as the lead, has been chosen as the recipient of the Outstanding Planning Project: Transportation and Corridor Study award at the Georgia Planning Association Awards Luncheon. The study aimed to enhance the transportation network and land use along the Ponce de Leon Avenue and Moreland Avenue corridors. The award recognizes the efforts of the project team and their outstanding contribution to the transportation and corridor study.

The study was conducted over a two-year period, and it focused on the 7.2-mile corridor that connects two of Atlanta’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Little Five Points and Virginia-Highland. The study included extensive community engagement and input from stakeholders. TSW developed a comprehensive plan that addresses transportation issues and recommends changes to land use policies to make the corridor more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly.

The study identified several key issues that needed to be addressed, such as traffic congestion, lack of connectivity, and unsafe pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. The plan proposed a series of recommendations that included improving traffic flow, enhancing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and creating more mixed-use developments.

The study’s findings were used by local officials to secure federal funding for the corridor’s improvements. The project team worked collaboratively with the City of Atlanta to implement the recommendations from the study. As a result, the corridor is now safer and more accessible for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

The award recognizes the significant impact that the Ponce de Leon/Moreland Avenue Corridor Study has had on the community. It is a testament to the effectiveness of the study’s recommendations and the hard work and dedication of the project team. The award serves as an example of how transportation planning and corridor studies can lead to meaningful improvements in the community.

Georgia Planning Association Award

TSW Project Wins GPA Award

TSW Project Wins GPA Award

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