City of Gulf Shores Public Safety Facility


Client: City of Gulf Shores, Alabama

Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama

Status: Completed May 2018


  • Fortified Building

  • Turtle-friendly Lighting

  • Civil Building



The City of Gulf Shores Public Safety Building was designed as an integral part of a 20-acre public beach reimaging commissioned by the City of Gulf Shores known as Gulf Place. The goal of the reimagining was to “bring the beach to the town, and the town to the beach” through a series of vibrant buildings integrated into the landscape to create a unique destination. The two-level Public Safety Building was built to serve both police and lifeguard public safety personnel. The building accommodates apparatus storage and equipment, a training and break room that accommodates 32 people, fitness area, offices, a locker room, and restrooms. An observation balcony was incorporated on the ocean side of the building. The building includes a commercial grade elevator for ADA access to the second floor. The new construction meets Fortified Building Standards and was designed with the intent of lasting 100 years. The structural concrete and CMU have been left exposed. These along with the cumaru wood accents create a textured façade. The buildings and site use sustainable and low-impact development strategies, and all lighting meets EPA Fish and Wildlife Standards for sea turtle-friendly amber lighting.

The Building sits on the edge of the build to line of the Gulf of Mexico. The key design challenges were creating a building that could withstand the harsh beach environment and possible future hurricanes and storm surge, working with the existing public restroom, and creating a signature aesthetic that complemented the new park surrounding the buildings.  To meet these challenges, the material selection was extremely important. Our team chose to use basic materials (CMU, concrete, and wood) which would not require painting, would patina over time, and could be expressed on the façade without exterior coverings. The concrete and grout were given an integral admix of water block. The CMU is a manufactured grind, polished unit with integral water block. The wood is cumuru which will patina over time to a light gray. These materials are consistent between the buildings and the landscape. Careful arrangement of these materials was incorporated in the buildings and landscape to provide texture.