TSW‘s Landscape Architecture Studio works on the ideas of people, place, and environment. These are the essential ingredients of every project’s unique story. We are creative, interactive, and iterative, collaborating across disciplines to develop ideas that embrace the culture, sense of place, and needs of the community. Our process begins with listening to understand stakeholder needs, motivations, and relationships with the place. We develop ideas through the lens of the user, improving the human experience by providing balanced, empathetic, and community-based solutions.

Our work stems from the idea that design grows from the community, a sense of place, and a way of life. The landscape is more than a collection of plants and hardscape; it is the canvas that connects people, resources, and the environment blurring the lines between building and place. As master planners and designers, we look beyond the boundaries of the site, striving to understand the more significant issues that may inform our work. As placemakers, we build on the past, embrace today’s challenges, and design for flexibility in the future.

As landscape architects, we are sensitive to the environment, understanding the land and context to maximize sustainability and reduce the environmental impacts caused by development. We work with natural systems and the land minimizing infrastructure, maximizing comfort, and reducing short-term and long-term project costs. We design high-performance landscapes that reduce waste, reuse resources, save water, and minimize the project’s carbon footprint.

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Our work includes planning, design, construction documents, and construction phase services for:

  • Parks

  • Waterfront + Beach open space design

  • Amphitheaters + Outdoor event spaces

  • Streetscapes, including Complete Streets

  • Urban Plazas

  • Mixed-use Developments

  • Residential Communities

  • Amenity Areas + Pools

  • Place-based Branding + Wayfinding

  • Multi-use Trails + Trail Systems

  • Low Impact Development (LID)

  • Integrated Stormwater Management

  • Roof Gardens

  • LEED and other green accreditations

  • Campus and Higher Education

  • Hotels/Hospitality

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